Project: Nipomo Image Contest

Nipomo Arts and Business Coalition Logo Contest.
The Nipomo Arts and Business Coalition is conducting a Logo Design contest
is conducting a bi-annual logo design contest. The winning logo design will be used to help brand our local town of Nipomo throughout 2017-2018. We are seeking a high quality, distinctive logo to brand the Nipomo Arts and Business Coalition “ABC”. Artists are encouraged to submit creative entries that capture the essence of Nipomo's past, present, and/or future. The winning entry will be used on posters for businesses, stickers, apparel, social media websites and a variety of publications. This is a cooperative effort supported by the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce, Nipomo Old Town Commission and Nipomo Art Commission.

EXAMPLE of what is possible

Project: Painted Hydrants

Examples of what is possible: Fire Hydrants. NCSD is providing decommissioned fire-hydrants for high school students to paint. The finished fire-hydrants will be rented by local businesses and a portion of the funds given to the art department.

Project: Painted Utility Boxes

Examples of what is possible: Electric and Water Pump boxes. NCSD and PG&E is providing locals of boxes to be paint. Artist will commissioned with local volunteers.

Project: Murals

Examples of what is possible: Mural on local business buildings. Artist will submit drawing and bid for the mural projects.