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a committed group of individuals bringing value to businesses showcasing local artist.

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Nipomo Arts Commission:

Olde Towne Nipomo Association:
Our Non Profit Group of Nipomo residents, business owners and ranchers are dedicated to maintaining and improving the area known as Olde Towne Nipomo.

Nipomo Chamber of Commerce: Nipomo is the most populated unincorporated area in San Luis Obispo County. It is the first town in San Luis Obispo County those traveling from Southern to Northern California on Highway 101 encounter and the residents of Nipomo proudly proclaim “The Central Coast Starts Here!” Nipomo is sprawling and diverse with a quaint Olde Towne representing the origins of the community and housing the world famous Jocko’s Steak House. The soil in Olde Towne is primarily clay which literally became the building blocks for the historic Dana Adobe at the extreme southern end of Nipomo.